Fast and Efficient Home Cleaning Services

Your home is the place you will always come back to have a rest. Whether you need a residential cleaner for your kitchen, bathroom or any other room of your place, we can provide you with a quality home cleaning service and make your place as spotless as possible.

We will help you keep your home clean whether it is for a once in a while thorough cleaning or for a more regular weekly clean.

The best home cleaning in Jersey

Here is an non exhaustive list of cleaning services we can provide you with on a regular basis or as a one time job:

  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Rubbish removal
  • Power wash for all your exterior walls, terrace and more
  • Window cleaning

All Rooms

Dust picture frames, ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves and baseboards. Vacuum carpets, wash your floors, empty and clean ashtrays and waste baskets.

Kitchen cleaning

Clean appliances, counters, cabinets, table and chairs. Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks. Clean and sanitize countertops. Clean the range top and refrigerator top and exterior. Clean microwave oven inside and out. Wash floors.

Bathrooms cleaning

Clean, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs and sinks. Clean and sanitize toilets. Clean mirrors, polish chrome. Wash floors and tile walls.

If you regularly need home cleaning but you are not sure what the task is going to be precisely, you can also hire one of our most experienced cleaner with our maid service. Give us a quick call to find out what our prices are.

Because your home is important to us

We understand that by asking us to come and do your home cleaning your are showing us a big mark of trust: to let people you do not know enter your own premise and let them clean your place might be something difficult for you to do if it is the first time. However, with us, you need not to worry. We fully understand what home cleaning means and we will only send you our best members of staff to do the job.